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Unscripted Exchange is a place where I share my life Journey of Faith, the journey that took me through many Valleys of Shadow as well as Green Pastures and Quiet Waters. It is the journey that I pray will inspire the reader to look for God’s Goodness and Presence in every circumstance of their life.

It is the Journey on which our Past does not define us, our Present does not limit us and our Future has Hope!
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writing with a knife

You know, those times when the words that come out of our mouth, while proper, logical and relevant, somehow, do not feel right. Or, should I say, do not taste right. How many times when we want to say one thing, something entirely different comes out?

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Covenant of trust

It is not uncommon among us Christians to experience a degree of tension between our faith and the reality of life we are facing.

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A little woman of big faith

Charlotte Bronte was often accused by her contemporaries of being disrespectful and insulting towards faith and church in general. However, anyone who is familiar with her writing would disagree. We can learn a lot from the faith of this little woman.