In Defense of "Sight"


Very often when we talk “faith vs sight” “sight” the latter usually gets a bad rap. Does walking by faith then means denying our humanity, our emotions, our weaknesses, our vulnerability?

There are no straightforward answers to these questions.

I want to argue, however, that, more often than not, facing the reality, looking it in the eyes and becoming acutely aware of our circumstances is just as important as focusing on faith. In Christian discourse, often without realizing it, we attach a certain stigma to such words as “doubt”, “fear”, “insecurity”. But I want to argue that by refusing to admit our doubts we are inevitably reducing the significance of faith, by concealing our fears we are minimizing the value of God give courage, by covering up our weaknesses we deny God the opportunity to demonstrate His strength.

But the question still remains. What do we do with this tension between the spiritual and physical, between our faith and the reality around us?

Surprisingly, in my quest for the answer I was reminded by the Holy Spirit about HOPE.

If we define HOPE as “a certainty that our future will be better than our present and that we are granted the power to help to make it happen” (through our faith) it becomes an invisible bridge between our reality and our faith. Adopting this general outlook of HOPE allows us to embrace both. It allows us to walk in faith without being afraid to admit real struggles of real life. Because no matter what we experienced in the past, no matter what our present looks like, we have HOPE that our future will be better and by FAITH we eagerly anticipate it.

When we adopt this outlook of HOPE we can see clearly that our Past does not define us - it only equips us to love better on those whose life experiences we share.

Our Present does not limit us - God’s grace and love are alway enough to sustain us.

In the future there is HOPE - it is in the hands of our sovereign and loving God who is good ALWAYS.


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Galina Shelepen14 Comments