Psalm 34:2


This is one of those verses that you read, glance over and move on. Until one day you read, glance over and something catches your breath and you know that God has just spoken to you.

This verse has been haunting me for several years now. It is also the verse that actually compelled me to start writing a blog. God gives us our experiences for a reason. God gives us our testimonies for a reason. So “the afflicted hear and rejoice.” God moves in our lives every single day. He speaks to us, He fights for us, He protects us, He provides for us, He listens to us, He answers us. Not a one single day passes without something that we can be grateful to God for.

But there are days and seasons in our lives when it is a bit harder to see God’s hand on our lives, when it is a bit harder to see His light ! And those are the days and the seasons when we need to hear about the goodness of God from others! When I read this verse I feel God is saying to me “Don’t be afraid to boast in ME. Don’t be afraid to boast in the victories that we had together. Don’t be afraid to boast about the prayers that I answered and the needs I provided for. Because there maybe someone who needs to be reminded of my goodness, to be encouraged by it, to be strengthened by it to push through another day!”

We all have our stories to tell, our testimonies to share about God’s love, about His faithfulness and His goodness. But how can we give glory to God that is really due to Him if we are not willing to be vulnerable enough to share our lives with others? For me it meant to set aside my natural inclinations to be introverted, to set aside my mistrust in people, to set aside my self preservation techniques and to start taking down the walls that I have been building around myself for years. For me it meant stopping to think about myself, my own interests, my own privacy and comfort and to be willing to shout out from the mountain tops about how great our God is!


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