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Sixteen Years ago we lost our unborn babe girl in a car accident. Sixteen years ago and I still sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with the words of grief spilling over from my heart to the pages of my blog.

Jesus heals our wounds, but then there is scar tissue. My heart no longer bleeds but it still remembers.
That is why there is Poetry of Loss.


I don’t have to march with the world. I cannot keep up.

I can have my own beat, the one that I can sustain.

It may be a mere walk, but I’ll walk with my head high.

It may be a lonely pace, but the one that gives soul rest.


It is a long walk to the mountain Moriah

Carrying my dreams strapped to the donkey's back

Every stride of my foot brings me closer to that dreaded hour

And I try to decipher Your will as I walk every step

It is not the first time You ask me to start a journey

It is not the first time I set out on a weary path

Once I thought there was future lying stretched wide before me

Now I know that all I have left is my past

Do I have enough strength in me to finish my travels?

Do I have enough faith to last, to stand strong till the end?

And I clench my fists tight as I try to grab on to your promise

But it runs through my fingers as liquid, it slips through my fingers like sand

It is a long walk to the mountain Moriah

Carrying all that I have strapped to the donkey's back

I knew that this treasure (or burden) was mine just for this hour

And now it is time to let go, it's time to go back

Will You?

When I am hurting and pushing you away
A little child inside of me
Cries out for you to stay
But will you stay?

And when there are no more words,
There’s still a heart beat.
But will you listen?


There is a place for you in my heart,
It will always be there,
There is a song that I didn’t sing,
That was meant for you.
There is a hug that you never felt
Because I was too broken
And a kiss that never left your lips.
it was lost like you.


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Galina Shelepen2 Comments