My ministry in Cuba

Ongoing Projects

It has been over three years since God called me to minister in Cuba. Every time I travel to Cuba, I am struck by the passion for God that I see in Cuban people; by their zeal to labor for the Kingdom of God and their readiness to share the Gospel. I met so many talented men and women who are ready to use their giftings for Jesus and His Glory. Unfortunately, due to social, cultural and economic reasons, opportunities for ministry for Cubans are very limited. God is calling me to help Cuban brothers and sisters to overcome these barriers and to give them an opportunity to minister along my side. It could be a small missions trip within Cuba, visits to orphanages, week-long Bible study groups, discipleship programs, youth outreaches, or worship services. I see it as a fluid ministry; these various events can be big or small and the location can change depending on where the need is and where the Lord is calling. I see it as a ministry that could build up and encourage Cuban brothers and sisters to take further steps to fulfill God's call on their lives, to grow deeper in their relationship with God; that will encourage them to dream big for God and will empower them to see those dreams come true. In my endeavors I am working closely with Cuban Regional Leadership who are helping to guide our efforts. Here is the overview of the current projects I am working on.  


"Kingdom Culture" Seminars


It has always been on my heart to bring my ministry to small rural Cuban churches and new church plants who often lack the resources and opportunities to participate in various seminars and training programs offered at larger churches.

 In July 2018 I was able to bring a three-day seminar to a small church plant in the town of Carbonera. Along with other Bible-based teachings, it has been my privilege to incorporate into the seminar "Kingdom Culture" curriculum by Kristen D'Arpa

"Kingdom Culture" is an intensive Bible-based curriculum and is designed  to root individuals in their identity, ground them in Kingdom mindsets, and equip them to confidently live a supernatural lifestyle. Topics Include: Kingdom Concepts Throughout Biblical History, Kingdom Mindsets, Foundational Principles, Bible Study, Inner Healing, Evangelism, Spiritual Gifts, Hearing God’s Voice, Physical Healing, Kingdom Creativity, Societal Transformation, and More! This curriculum was translated into many languages including Spanish. 

I am happy to report that, after receiving a very favorable feedback, regional Presbyter of Matanzas invited me to teach the seminar in other churches across the province. There are plans underway to bring a similar seminar to a small church plant in Savanilla in December 2018. 


Pastoral  Support

Over the last 30 years more than 6,000 churches have been founded across Cuba. Such an incredible growth, while exciting, presented Cuban church leadership with significant challenges in addressing spiritual and physical needs of their growing congregations. Their task is made even harder by lack of printed Christian study materials.The following list of items is just a small example of the type of resources we provide to Cuban pastors and church leadership in order to better equip their ministry. 

  • Spanish Study Bibles

  • Commentaries

  • Bible Dictionaries

  • Bible Studies

Community Support

In addition to caring for its own congregation, church in Cuba fulfills the vital functions of a community centre, medical clinic and emergency shelter. It becomes a hub for connecting families and individuals in need of resources and care at a physical, emotional and spiritual level. The Communist rule within Cuba makes access to simple items such as infant Tylenol or cold and flu medication extremely difficult for the locals.

The following items are a brief outline of the type of assistance we provide to rural communities: 

  • Adult Tylenol/Ibuprofen

  • Infant/Children Tylenol

  • Vitamins

  • Baby Clothing/Supplies

  • Toys/Sporting Goods

Team Missions Trips

It has been my privilege to be able to lead several teams from Kingsview Community Church on their yearly short term missions trips. The goal of these trips is to provide the necessary support to Cuban churches in the areas they need it the most. Some of our past projects include Women's Conferences, Vacation Bible Schools for children, Christian Youth Camps. 


Itinerant Ministry 

It has always been on my heart to bring my ministry to small rural Cuban churches and new church plants who often lack the resources and opportunity to participate in various seminars and training programs offered at larger churches.  I am honored to be able to provide assistance, support and encouragement to Cuban churches as they press into expanding the Kingdom of God in their communities. 



Cidra Family.JPG

Part of my work in Cuba is overseeing the construction process of a church in Cidra that my home church in Canada is assisting with.

The partnership between Kingsview Community Church and Cuban church in a small town of Cidra began in April of 2016 when a team of men from KVCC visited Cidra and assisted them with building  a water tower. Over the next few years we continued to foster our relationships through correspondence and visits. During the hurricane Irma in the fall of 2017 church building in Cidra, that also serves as a home for its pastor and his family, suffered significant damage. One month after the hurricane the roof of the church collapsed forcing the pastor and his family to evacuate. The building had to be demolished except for one bedroom and a kitchen where the pastor continued to live with his wife and two young daughter. When KVCC learned about all the hardships in Cidra the decision was made to partner up with Cuban brothers and sisters in their efforts to rebuild their church.

Since Kingsview Community Church (Hamilton, Canada)  undertook financial assistance with the construction, the pastoral family was able to erect and to move into an emergency shelter where they can stay during the construction period. The front part of the church building is well underway.

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