Cuba Ministry: April 24 - May 1, 2019
Post Trip Report

Dear Friends!

I am back on Canadian soil, a little exhausted but also happy, blessed, encouraged, humbled, grateful and ready to start planning for my next trip.

But first, I want to share with you some highlights from this incredibly busy but also incredibly productive week of ministry in Cuba.  

While it was very sad to see the economy of Cuba and, thus, people’s lives negatively impacted by the political crisis in Vinisualle, it was encouraging to see The Kingdom of God continue to grow.


Church in Carbonera

On Friday, April 26, I had an opportunity to revisit the church in a small town of Carbonera where I taught Kingdom Culture seminar nine months ago. It was exciting to see that the church almost tripled in size since my last visit. At this point they are starting to outgrow their current church house and are praying for another building to become available. During the evening service absolutely every single bench and chair was occupied and some seating had to be set up outside.

This is also the church that reminds me that The Kingdom of God belongs to the children. I have never seen children at such a young age ministering before the Lord so earnestly and powerfully in worship, prayer, prophecy and even teaching. Incredible!!!!


New Presbyter

Saturday, April 27, started with a meeting with a new regional Presbyter Pastor Lazaro Rodriguez. I got a chance to share with him the vision and the heart behind my ministry in Cuba.  We discussed the strategies to improve the communication process and some changes we would like to implement to improve financial accountability. We also have done preliminary planning for the Kingdom Culture School of Ministry conference that I am planning to bring to Matanzas in November for 150 people to attend.

Together with the Presbyter we visited the construction site in Cidra to check on the progress and to discuss next steps. I also was able to deliver to some funds to support their monthly outreach ministry for seniors.

Church in Cardenas (Pastor Armando)

Saturday evening and Sunday morning I had an opportunity to preach in the second largest church in the province of Matanzas with about 70 people in attendance in each service. I also was able to bring some funds to assist with the construction of the Pastoral apartment. The Pastor and his wife are currently living several hours away. Over the past 12 years they have been pastoring by travel to Cardenas, where the church is located, every Friday and sleeping on the mattress in the church sanctuary. The bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom have been under construction over the past 4 years due to lack of funding. As church continues to experience consistent growth, there is an increased need for the pastoral presence during the week, which makes finishing the construction of the pastoral house a priority.

Saturday night service was also the longest one I have ever attended in Cuba. It started with church prayer and worship at 8 pm and I finished preaching close to midnight. But God’s presence and the unity of the body of Christ in prayer were so specious that we hardly noticed time go by.


On Monday, April 29th, I traveled to Havana to have several important meetings.

I started by meeting with the former Presbyter of Matanzas with whom I worked very closely over the past four years. It was good to pay this visit and to honour the work he has done for God’s Kingdom and to bring some encouragement as he continues to minister as a pastor in Havana.  

While in Havana I was also honoured to meet with the District Superintendent of the Assembly of God of Cuba Pastor Moises Rodriguez. It was great to be able to share with him about my ministry and also to hear his heart about churches in Cuba. In 2016 God put on Pastor Moises heart to plant 1,000 new churches and over the past 3 years more than 113 churches sprung into existence as a part of this vision.

This meeting also resulted in the invitation to bring Kingdom Culture seminars to churches in Havana with the possibility to widen the reach of this ministry even further.  I am praising God for this amazing opportunity, for making this connection and this meeting possible.

My day in Havana concluded with a visit to one of the 113 new church plants located in one of the poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods of Havana. This is the church where I will be bringing Kingdom Culture seminar in November (following the conference in Matanzas). It  is always great to meet face to face the people that I will be ministering.

Dear friends! As God continues to open the doors for my ministry in Cuba, I am more than ever in need of your support both in prayer and financially!

Please pray:

  • For God to finish the healing process in my body.

  • For the right people to come alongside my ministry who can travel with me to Cuba, help with administration and fundraising, manage social media, intercede in prayer.

  • For the provision of funds for Kingdom Culture conference in November and for God’s favour as I work out all the details with Cuba.

  • For my upcoming ministry trip to Brazil in July

If you would like to contribute to my ministry financially you can do so at my PAOC (Pentecostal Assembly of Canada) ministry profile by clicking on the button below.

I can only go as far in my obedience to follow God as the support of the people who are willing to partner up with me on this journey