September 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friends!

As we marked the official end of summer on September 20th and we step into this new season of nature I want to give God praise for the season we are leaving behind. 

What a summer it has been! It surely had its peaks and valleys (maybe too many valleys for my liking).  What I know for certain, though, is that the incredible spiritual fruit this journey produced will last through months to come if not a lifetime. 

There are certain experiences in life that are simply impossible to express in words. My ministry trip to Brazil this summer was definitely one of those experiences. And where words fail, the only thing left is worship. And as I share some of the trip highlights, I hope you will join me in giving glory to our God and bowing as we witness His unfailing love towards nations, His church, towards me and you. 


Public Schools Ministry

Over the course of the week in Trairi, Brazil, our team was able to visit over 60 public schools where we could minister not only to hundreds of children from kindergarten to high school but also to their teachers. Day after day, school after school, no matter how tough our audience appeared to be (and we did have some really tough ones) as we shared our hearts, our journeys with Christ, the Holy Spirit never failed to show up. And school after school hundreds of kids gave their lives to Jesus, often in tears. 


Community Outreach

During the community outreach day our team got to distribute two tons of food to people in need in one of the poorest neighborhoods of the city, but it was not at all about food. It was about connecting to people’s hearts right there in their homes. It was about breaking down cultural and religious barriers and loving on people, but most of all it was about The Holy Spirit entering people’s houses, hearts and lives with His healing touch. 


Volunteer Training

While three miracles and faith crusades certainly were the spiritual highlights of the week, three nights of volunteer training conferences preceding the crusades were just as incredible. I love the fact that it wasn’t just our team ministering during the crusades. THOUSANDS of volunteers from churches all across the city came out to the training nights to be equipped to release healing and deliverance. I love the fact that we could train and empower local brothers and sisters to keep bringing God’s Kingdom to Trairi after we left.


Faith and Miracles Crusades

And then there were crusades! Close to ten thousand people filled the city square during the three consecutive nights. We ended up having to collect  two additional offerings among our team members to hire more buses to bring people from all over the city as what we initially estimated was not enough. It was such a privilege to be a part of this movement of the Holy Spirit and see people give their lives to Jesus, get miraculously healed, and set free from demonic oppression. 


I was honored but also so humbled to be able to address the crowd during the first night of the crusades and to encourage new believers to grow in their relationship with Christ and to share their faith with others. 


Kids Crusade

On Saturday morning we also had a kid’s crusade with hundreds of them coming out to hear The Good News but also to play games and receive some prizes.


What’s Next?


I am dreaming…
I have a vision of God moving in Cuba in the way we saw it  in Brazil. While mass crusades are impossible right now with all the governmental restrictions and lack of infrastructure, I am determined to pray and do what I can, even if it is on a smaller scale. And for now I am planning my next trip to Cuba in November. 


November 12 - 22: Matanzas and Havana…

It is going to be a very different trip from my previous ones as the country is experiencing one of its darkest seasons since the “Special Period” following the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990's. On September 13th the Cuban government announced a looming energy crisis caused by the US embargo towards Venezuela, the main supplier of fuel to Cuba (you can read more here ). 

Cubans are not ones to complain, which is why when I heard from my contacts in the country about the gravity of their situation I knew it was serious. People are panicking. Food supplies, scarce as they were, are being interrupted due to the lack of fuel. Undiagnosed infectious diseases are not uncommon, especially in rural areas, with no medical supplies available in hospitals. Rolling blackouts and the water supply shutdowns are lasting for days.

Under these circumstances I am not sure how much moving around I will be able to do during my trip but I know that God will provide the resources needed to reach churches and encourage them in the midst of the crisis when they need it the most. In Matanzas I will be ministering in two churches. I am hoping to deliver some funds that will hopefully somewhat mitigate the effects of the crisis but most importantly to let our brothers and sisters in Cuba know that we care and pray for them. In Havana I will be spending two days ministering in one of the poorest neighborhoods of the city. I will be visiting people’s homes and will hold two Kingdom Culture seminars at the local church plant. I was also invited to speak at one of the oldest churches in Havana that was established before the Revolution and at the women’s meeting at the church pastored by Regional Superintendent.


I am excited…

Another thing that will make this trip different is the fact that for the first time my husband Alex will be joining me! I am so excited and cannot wait to introduce Alex to the real Cuba so he can also fall in love with it just as I did. I am praying for many more joint family ministry trips to come.


How You Can Partner With Me

Please pray for:

  • For favour with church leadership in Cuba as I seek their guidance as to which areas/provinces need the most support.

  • That Cuba would continue issuing religious visas and that God makes way for me to continue my ministry with or without visa.

  • For our family as we continue to sacrifice and minister together.

Please Consider:

  • An on-going or one time donation to help cover my ministry costs, including travel expenses, supplies, church offerings and local projects. Out of $3000 required for my trip In November I still need to raise $1500.

  • Helping me to obtain federal charitable status, a complicated process that requires a financial commitment of $1700. Please contact me directly if you would like to donate towards this cost.

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I can only go as far in my obedience to follow God as the support of the people who are willing to partner up with me on this journey.